Wednesday, 22 January 2020

First of May 2010

Proletarians, comrades!

The economic crisis has started to have a devastating effect on our already hard living and working conditions.In the name of profit, a class of parasites (the bourgeoisie in all its variations, both right- and “left”-wing) and its attendant officials (the embodiment of a union aristocracy that has nothing to do with the workers) continues to keep us chained like slaves, without ever being made to pay for the destruction of our lives – indeed, continuing to collect its incomes, interests, dividends, interests.We pay the price of this exploitation without a moment’s respite in terms of those thousands of our comrades assassinated in their workplaces, by the so-called “social diseases”, the harmful factory environment, the infernal acceleration in production rates, the work that suffocates our existence, and our miserable salaries.This terrible situation is now aggravated by lay-offs, mass unemployment, relocations, clandestine labour everywhere, widespread insecurity in employment, the drastic reduction of salaries – all delights that we share with our brother immigrants.This mode of production, whose only objective is profit, fuels the competition of each man against the other and produces today’s commercial wars and tomorrow’s real warfare.It must therefore be removed by using the scalpels of our class violence.

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