Storia della Sinistra Comunista

Vol. l - 1912-1919 (pp. 423); Vol.2 - 1919-1920 (pp. 740); Vol. 3 - 1920-1921 (pp. 517); Vol. 4 - 1921-1922 (pp. 467); Vol. 5 - 1922-1922 (pp. 694) A comprehensive reappraisal of the formative process of a revolutionary Left wing within the Italian Socialist Party which gave rise to a definitely communist group. This group expressed the tendency which led towards the foundation of a party fulfilling all requirements established by the historical experience of Bolshevism and as stated by the Third International. Documentation is given supporting the essential statement that the theoretical and practical activity displayed by the real founders of the Communist Party of Italy, was a consistent application of some criticai points of Marxist strategy and tactics - as restored by Lenin’s work - to a specific and indeed typical western situation.


Russia e rivoluzione nella teoria marxista

(pp. 222) A painstaking and polemic reconstruction of the basic Marxist positions on the “Russian question” before February 1917, which restores the correct analysis and strategy drawn by Marx-Engels and by Lenin as regards the “double revolution’. Originally published in 1954-55 Tracciato d’impostazione.


I fondamenti del comunismo rivoluzionario

(pp. 70) A synthetic exposition of our doctrine, followed by a defence of the fundamentals of revolutionary communism against all anarchist and spontaneist deviations. In difesa della continuità del program


In difesa della continuità del programma comunista

(pp. 189) The theses of the Communist Left, of the Communist Party of Italy, and of the International Communist Party from 1920 up to today with a historical presentation and commentary. Includes: Theses of the Communist Abstentionist Fraction of the Italian Socialist Party (1920); Theses on the Tactics of the Communist Party of Italy (Theses of Rome, 1922); The Tactics of the Communist International - Draft theses presented by the Communist Party of Italy at the Fourth World Congress (Moscow, 1922); Theses Presented by the Left at the Third Congress of the Communist Party of Italy (Lyons, 1926); Nature, Function and Tactics of the Revolutionary Party of the Working Class (1945); The Party’s Essential Theses (1951); Considerations on the Organic Activity of the Party When the General Situation Is Historically Unfavourable (1965); Theses on the Historical Task, the Action and the Structure of the World Communist Party (1965); Supplementary Theses on the Historical Task, the Action and the Structure of the World Communist Party (1966).


Elementi dell’economia marxista. Sul metodo dialettico. Comunismo e conoscenza umana

(pp. 125) A summary of Book One of Marx’s “Capital”, part of the integral reconstruction of Marxist theory undertaken by our Party, against all democratic and reformist deviations. Followed by two texts on methodological and theoretical issues in the same tradition.


Partito e classe

(pp. 140) Party and Class: the Theses on the Role of the Communist Party in the Proletarian Revolution Approved by the Second Congress of the Communist International (1920), and some contributions by the Communist Left on the relationship between party and class, such as “Party and Class” (1921), “Party and Class Action” (1921), “Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party” (1921).


“L’estremismo, malattia infantile del comunismo”, condanna dei futuri rinnegati

(pp. 121) An extensive commentary on Lenin’s “Left-wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder”, as an indictement of all future renegades. Lezioni delle controrivoluzioni (pp. 81, $ 8.00, or € 6.00) An analysis of the various counter-revolutionary waves, and of what communists must learn from them


Lezioni delle controrivoluzioni

(pp. 81) An analysis of the various counter-revolutionary waves, and of what communists must learn from them.

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